Frequently Asked Questions for Express Courses

What are 'Express Courses'?

We launch Express Trainings from time to time where we visit a city and finish a 40-hour course within a week. Sunday to Sunday - 5 hours class each day. The minimum batch size that we accept is 20 and the maximum is 30.

Certificates are also given for these courses. Go to Express Courses Page to see certificate types.

What courses are available for Express Course?

We rotate technologies of Express Courses and often take multiple rounds based on the demand. We keep the batches small (25-30) so that our trainers can focus on the group better.

How can I request an Express Course in my city?

You can request an Express Training by filling the form @Express Course Form.

Or by writing to us at

You can also contact us at 8920388298 (primary contact)

Are these courses online?

No these courses are conducted in physical classrooms by our best trainers, who are industry experts and current working professionals.