Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the upcoming field that's going to redefine the marketing industry! A lot of jobs are being created in this field. Companies are looking for expert Digital Marketers and you can be one of them. We have a course for all your needs.

  • Digital Marketing Basics (for enthusiasts)
  • Digital Marketing Advanced Certification (for those looking to make a career)
  • Digital Marketing Expert (Google Certification Preparation + Internship offers)

Now the question is to you. Do you have what it takes to be the next marketing genius?

Website Development

In the world of computers don't miss out on the most basic need of every large or medium or small-scale business. Website! Learn

  • HTML5,
  • CSS3,
  • BootStrap, and
  • JavaScript

to create mindblowing front-end websites that your clients and companies will drool over.

Database Design and Management

Database anyone? The world is looking for developers of these technologies.

  • MongoDB
  • Advanced SQL manager

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the need of the hour. Businesses today have a lot of data to deal with so they need people who are experts in getting the job done! The number geniuses who know how it's done. We help you exactly to be that person.

  • BI Basics
  • BI Advanced (Tools and Applications
    • Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Become the one the corporates come to!

C Programming


  • C,
  • C+, and
  • C++

to begin your glorious career in Programming. C Language programming is the base of all software Development Programming.

Server Side Development

Servers are the core of internet sites. Learn the technologies to become the all-knowing Server side genius.

  • Node.js Basics
  • Node.js Master Course
  • PhP

Data Analytics

Understanding of Data & Data Analytics Principles

  • Learning Data Visualization with SAS & Tableau
  • Data Analytics tools like Excel, SPSS, SAS

Analyze big data to understand and predict human networks and behaviours in social structures. Conduct a preliminary analysis and draw hypotheses about the data.

Data Analytics Programming

Become an expert in Data & Data Analytics Programming

  • Advanced Data Analytics using R or Python Programming Language
  • Big Data Hadoop and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Handle large amounts of Data and become a champ at analysing it in the quickest and most efficient ways.

Backend Technologies

Backend programming are a core of most design engineers. The most difficult but the most challenging of Jobs are in the backend and we prepare you to take on the challenge!

  • Core Java
  • Java Spring
  • Java SpringBoot Framework


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Test and Certification

Future Gurukul gives you an option to take the FGCEE (Future Gurukul Course End Examination) based on which the Certificate of Excellence is provided. This can be a pen and paper exam of one day or a 20-hour stressful coding-marathon!

A maximum of three attempts are allowed. The format may change each time. And there shall be a small fleeting mention of the attempts in the certificate.

The marking of the exam is kept relative to the batch and usually the cut-off is set at 85% (which might increase based on the course).

The following certificates are issued based on their respective criteria.

  • Completion Certificate - On completion of the course with at least 85% attendance
  • Certificate of Excellence - On clearing the cut-off on the FGCEE. This certificate is signed by the teacher as well as by the director to verify that the student has cleared the FGCEE and is ready for taking on the real world challenges.
  • Antrix Academy Certificate for Data Analytics Courses

We don't charge any extra fee for examination, which most other institutions do. But we maintain a tough exam to make sure we get the best of the batch to connect them with our network and give them of Future Gurukul.

Express Courses

Future Gurukul Launches 'Express Courses' from time to time. These courses are designed to give you the complete know-how of a technology within a 40 hours (8 days) duration.

These sessions are announced a month in advance and only a batch of 30 students is taken each time. Our teachers give special attention to the students.

A test is conducted at the end of the course and a signed confirmation certificate that the student has developed the skill-set is issued to the students who qualify the designated cut-off.

To see the current Express Courses or to get answers to any more questions visit Express Courses Page

Current Express Courses

The Express Courses that are being organized soon are:

  • Digital Marketing Express Course

    • 18th February to 25th February 2018
    • Last Date of Registration: 9th February 2018
    • Last Date to Submit Fee: 12th February 2018
    • City: Delhi
  • Business Intelligence Express Course

    • 18th February to 25th February 2018
    • Last Date of Registration: 9th February 2018
    • Last Date to Submit Fee: 12th February 2018
    • City: Delhi
  • Digital Marketing Express Course

    • 4th March to 11th March 2018
    • Last Date of Registration: 20th February 2018
    • Last Date to Submit Fee: 23rd February 2018
    • City: Chandigarh
  • Core Java Express Course

    • 4th March to 11th March 2018
    • Last Date of Registration: 20th February 2018
    • Last Date to Submit Fee: 23rd February 2018
    • City: Chandigarh

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